Vcu thesis and dissertation guidelines

Graduate students should refer to the guidelines established by their programs regarding specific program requirements. In addition, graduate students should refer to the thesis and dissertation manual found on the Graduate School website for guidelines regarding the preparation and submission of theses and dissertations and for scheduling the final defense. In such cases, the program may allow a candidate to change from the thesis to the non-thesis option, or vice versa, once.

Vcu thesis and dissertation guidelines

The grade of P is not included in the calculation of the GPA. Unlike the mark of I, PR will not automatically be changed to a failing grade at the end of the succeeding semester.

Grades of satisfactory Sunsatisfactory U or fail F in thesis and dissertation courses All thesis and dissertation credits are to be graded each semester as satisfactory Sunsatisfactory U or fail F.

There is no limit to the number of these credits a student may take while pursuing completion of the degree. Receipt of the grade of U is formal notification to the student of unsatisfactory progress. A grade of U is a permanent grade and associated credits do not count toward a degree.

Future satisfactory performance following a grade of U is reflected in the assignment of the grade of S in subsequent semesters. A student who receives a final grade of F in the thesis or dissertation will be dismissed from the graduate program. Mark vcu thesis and dissertation guidelines audit AU Class size permitting, students may register for courses on an audit basis.

Auditing a course means students enroll in a course but do not receive academic credit upon completion of the course.


Students who register on an audit basis are subject to attendance regulations of that class and, unless otherwise specified, at the discretion of the instructor, are subject to the same course requirements as other students in the class.

Audit students are charged the regular rate of tuition and fees. Courses taken for audit, however, do not satisfy minimum enrollment requirements for students receiving graduate teaching or research assistantships, graduate fellowships or university graduate scholarships.

Courses assigned the AU mark will not be computed into the GPA and do not result in earned credit hours. Mark of continued CO The mark of CO may be assigned as an interim mark for those courses that run over more than one grade reporting period. The CO mark indicates the course is not expected to be completed in a single semester and that the student must re-register for the course in the following semester.

Upon departmental notification, CO marks for courses not re-registered for in the following semester are converted to F grades. Upon completion of the course, a final grade is assigned for that semester and the previous CO mark s remain. This mark may be assigned only in courses approved for such grading.

Courses assigned the CO mark will not be computed into the GPA and do not result in earned credit hours. The awarding of a mark of I requires an agreement between instructor and student as to when and how the course will be completed.

A grade cannot be changed to I after the deadline for grade submissions. The maximum time limit for submission of all course work necessary for removal of an incomplete is the end of the last day of classes of the next semester following the semester in which the incomplete was incurred i.

At that time, an un-removed grade of incomplete is changed automatically to a failing grade.

vcu thesis and dissertation guidelines

Individual departments and schools may have more stringent time limits. An extension of the time limit is possible, but must be approved, prior to the expiration date stated above, by the instructor and the dean of the school through which the course is offered.

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For undergraduate and professional students, written approval indicating the new time limit must be filed with the dean of the school through which the course is offered.IDAS faculty have appointments with the VCU Graduate School (including the Biomedical Sciences Doctoral Portal) and can provide primary and committee mentoring for the development and execution of dissertation- and thesis-level psychopharmacology and neurobiology projects that could be conducted in our neurobehavioral and MRI testing facilities.

Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines – This VCU Graduate School manual provides an overview of format requirements. Unofficial checklists for thesis and dissertation are also available. A few other VCU resources to consider.

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MA Thesis Guidelines 1. Selecting a thesis director and committee. Writing a thesis requires that you match your interests as best as possible—in both subject and method—with those of the three or more faculty members who will serve as director and readers.

British Virginia. British Virginia is a VCU-hosted series of scholarly editions of documents touching on the colony. These texts range from the 16th and 17th-century literature of English exploration to the 19th-century writing of loyalists and other Virginians who continued to identify with Great Britain.

VCU has been accepting ETD's on a pilot and voluntary basis since As of fall , students are required to submit their theses or dissertations electronically to the Graduate School. VCU's theses and dissertations are records of permanent, enduring value and will remain available indefinitely.

VCU Policies / Graduate Students - Policy statements relevant to graduate students are listed on the attachment drawn from a variety of sources at VCU Process Guide - Advanced Degree Programs [PDF] The process guide integrates academic policy from the VCU Bulletin with additional policies and procedures as conducted in the School of Medicine.

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