Summer vs winter comparison

With this change in weather upon us, tonight we will feast on lobster paired classically with some of the greatest hits of rich white wine.

Summer vs winter comparison

What other self-serving purpose might the business elite have in mind with its support for longer school days and school years? Could it be they see schools as the childcare resource necessary to diffuse objections to longer work days by employees with children?

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Does the business sector believe demanding hour workdays is the only way American businesses can compete against subsistence wages in the global economy? Americans must take a hard look at the path down which a longer school day and school year may lead this nation, and the impact it might have on quality of life for families and children.

We have written our lawmakers, including President Obama [see letter below] urging them to reconsider support for school calendar change. Virtually every administration since Richard Nixon encouraged school calendar change, influenced no doubt by the powerful business interests behind the idea.

State and federal government financial incentives to switch calendars dangled before cash-strapped school systems has renewed year-round school experimentation in recent years. This effort follows the widespread public backlash against mandatory year-round school and a sharp decline in the number of schools using a year-round calendar in the late s and early s.

The millions of taxpayer dollars incentive money thrown at school districts is blinding decision makers to education improvement reality.

African Lion vs Grizzly Bear Fight Comparison

Adding more time does nothing to address key factors in school performance, among them: Details about the who and the money motives behind the year-round school movement will be provided in a forthcoming book by the editor of this website. It will also raise questions about the potential dangers of reconfiguring a school year and the potential the schedule holds to put a stranglehold on a American family life.

In the early s, when Bluffton, Ind. They are arguments also posed by those who sincerely believe calendar change will result in better education outcomes. Imagine the reading and math skills that would be put to use and strengthened by a child applying them to a subject he or she loves, such as photography, computers, sports, science, cooking, arts, dancing, martial arts, etc.

Summer vs winter comparison

Such an approach would provide choice and flexibility for families and teachers in scheduling summertime vacation and learning opportunities.

Such an approach could also answer childcare and child nutrition needs and provide for low-income children the kind of summer enrichment experiences attributed to the educational advantage peers from higher income homes have upon return to school after a long summer break. Beneath the veneer of arguments for a year-round calendar is a certain business sector that sees profit potential in privatizing public schools.

Some of the richest people in the United States currently are investors in what very well may be a prototype for the for-profit privatized school system of the future in which high school labor is conscripted to business under the guise of providing workforce readiness.

Wages paid students in those hard-to-fill, high-turnover grunt work jobs go toward private school tuition costs, the balance paid by parents or scholarships. A year-round school calendar can ensure those jobs are filled year-round by student laborers. What impact forced high school student labor might have in further suppressing U.

Imagine a privatized high school system where in order to get a diploma students must work to pay tuition or take out loans that put them or their parents in debt for a lifetime.

Imagine those loans being bundled and sold on Wall Street as a financial investment, much the way bundled home mortgages were sold in recent years that ultimately led to a Wall Street meltdown.

Financial instruments for charter schools, the precursor toward a privatized system, are currently being packaged and sold by the hedge fund industry. No surprise that hedge fund interests are a driving force behind charter schools, including the much touted KIPP schools.

Though KIPP schools require a longer school day and school year, they have a mixed bag of academic outcomes for all the extra classroom time. I worked my heart out to get you elected!!

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I still believe you are a good man with good intentions. That approach has been tried and failed for more than years. This website provides a portion of the research I have collected since Please reverse your support for this idea, as you did recently on having veterans get health care from private insurance.

Our veterans deserve better and so do children and families. Please save our summers. President Barack Obama and his education advisors From: I would be honored to send the President and his advisors a page paper I presented to the Florida Political Science Association inwhen then-Gov.

Jeb Bush was threatening year-round school.

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The paper outlines the failed history of school calendar change as an education reform approach. Whoever is advising the President on calendar change as a school reform approach has failed to do the homework. It is an idea that has been tried and failed for more than years. The website get thousands of hits each week.Did you know that a smart thermostat can boost your home value?

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A Compare & Contrast Diagram showing Winter vs. Summer.

Summer vs winter comparison

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Winter vs. Summer. Students compare the two seasons through hands-on activities — creating collages, sorting seasonal clothes, and completing a brief writing assignment.

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