Strenghts and weaknesses of the human relations school

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Strenghts and weaknesses of the human relations school


The different types of leadership styles come with advantages and disadvantages. People-oriented styles build relationships with subordinates, whereas task-oriented styles focus more on delegation and goal completion. While a people-oriented leadership style is considered a motivating style, it comes with pros and cons.

Most leaders combine styles for the best results. People-Oriented Leadership Styles People-oriented leadership styles include coaching, affiliative and participative styles. In each of these styles, leaders seek to build relationships with subordinates and include them in the process of operations.

Coaching is much like a sports coach, helping identify strengths and weaknesses and developing strategies for improvement. Affiliative leaders seek to be part of the team-building communications and open dialogue. Affiliative leaders feel more like co-workers and not bosses.

Strenghts and weaknesses of the human relations school

Participative leaders seek input from team members before taking action, which is a democratic way to run an organization. Advantages of People-Oriented Styles Ultimately, people-oriented leadership styles seek to build rapport and improve morale.

This is different from task-oriented styles that sometimes leave employees feeling like they are being bossed or criticized.

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Generally speaking, when staff members feel they are important and valued as the people-oriented styles strive for, they become more engaged in day-to-day tasks and the long-term vision of the company. Employees whose voices are heard feel valued, enjoy coming to work and ultimately do a better job.

Companies find loyalty grows in people-oriented leadership styles. The work environment becomes friendlier and more pleasant for everyone. Coaching styles are effective for the long-term development of internal staff members who show promise for leadership with the right mentoring.

Disadvantages of People-Oriented Styles Not every by-product is beneficial in the people-oriented leadership style. There are negatives because the closer bosses become to subordinates, the more the lines become blurred when the boss needs to be the boss.

For example, a leader who is viewed as a friend and seeks that validation might have trouble reprimanding or holding a team member accountable for meeting goals. It might be more difficult to fire someone, increasing stress on leaders who keep a poor performer around longer than necessary.

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Another disadvantage is it can take time to build the company culture to achieve the desired results. There may not be enough time to build the desired culture in a business that is relying on results.

Additionally, in situations such as the participative leadership style, getting input and creating a democratic process for decision-making might dilute the business vision with no one person having a clear view of the road the company needs to take.Search Results for 'strengths human relation theory' The Importance Of Human Relations During Flight Operations The Importance of Human Relations During Flight Operations William Moore Human Relations in Business MSC Michael Aubry 10 May Table of.

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