Strange encounters

Apr 16, Frank Cernik rated it it was amazing This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Her central premise in this inquiry is that encounters are ontologically prior to ontology, and that aspects of being thus do not emerge until entities come together with other entities. She also treats the encounter as a kind of text, which allows her to focus on it as a site where certain meanings are produced.

Strange encounters

One report comes from a witness called Sergeant M. According to the witness, this unruly individual left the barracks without making any effort at all to clean out his filthy room, which would be described thus: When he was kicked out, he left his barracks room a complete mess.

In the closet there were mountains of trash, and rotten food in the sink and refrigerator. The shower was also filled with garbage and water. Aside from the mess, there were strange things as well. When the commander, First Sergeant and myself, the Supply Sergeant, went Strange encounters his room, we found chicken bones tied together, hanging from strings from the ceiling.

They had been lashed together to make seemingly archaic symbols. We counted roughly two dozen before we quit counting. The floor was covered in grime and candles Strange encounters been lit in a circle.

All of the furniture had been stacked out of the way or shoved in the closet. But the whole room had an unsettling feeling to it.

Strange encounters

The air in the room felt wrong. We called a special cleanup team and put in a work order to have the room stripped and cleaned by professionals.

After they were finished, the room was spotless. The Secret Space Program, Celestial Psyops and Hidden Conflicts Not long after this, there allegedly began to trickle in reports of strange phenomena surrounding the room in question.

Even though it was still unoccupied there were claims that things could be heard banging around within, and odd odors would also emanate from the room, such as a scent of burning plastic that could not be identified.

Being the senior ranking, I instructed the soldier to call the Barracks Representative LNO and have him get to the desk as soon as possible. Five minutes later, he and I are using his master key to gain access to the room while my Private covers the hallway from the desk, staying with the phone and also watching our backs.

Neither of us can identify the source, but the room is completely empty. We sweep and clear every nook and cranny, later agreeing that we felt like we were being watched the whole time.

We found nothing but the smell remained. We move for the door. We exit, turn and go to close the door behind us when a massive force hits the door from inside the room, shoving the Barracks Representative out of the doorway and slamming the door shut.

None of the doors are allowed to slam, they all have hydraulic arms at the top to prevent that. We agreed that neither of us wanted to go in again anyway, and we agreed not to report any of it, because we would be taken as seriously as anyone else.Nov 08,  · Strange Encounters is one of the most exciting books covering important events from the world of the strange and paranormal over the past 50 years.

Rather than tell you what to believe, it gives you information from all sides of each strange event and lets you decide for yourself. Strange Encounters is a book you must Rating: % positive. Some very curious accounts of encounters with strange entities from beyond our understanding at military installations.

Another great collection of personal stories of weird and strange encounters as reported by the people that experienced them. Looking forward to the next book. Published 1 year ago/5(76). Strange Encounters [BUNDLE] - This special bundle product contains the following titles.

From the non-Euclidean depths of the Univers This special bundle product contains the following titles. From the non-Euclidean depths of the Univers.

Cart. 0. The Largest RPG Download Store!. Dec 14,  · Watch video · Two parallel stories are told. In the first, a group of research scientists from a variety of backgrounds are investigating the strange appearance of items in remote locations, primarily desert regions/10(K).

For fans of the works of Feynman and Oliver Sacks, Strange Encounters will be a welcome addition to the immensely popular literature of "armchair science." For those who have yet to discover this intriguing genre, Strange Encounters is a compelling, imaginative, and thought-provoking book about issues central to our times.

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