Steroid use thesis statements

All athletes should be required to take a drug test before any sporting event they participate in to make sure that the playing field is leveled out equally for all competing athletes. Jul 09 All athletes should be required to take a drug test before any sporting event to ensure a level playing field for all competitors.

Steroid use thesis statements

Already have an account? Sample Thesis statement and body paragraph with internal citation Page history last edited by John 9 years, 4 months ago You will write your introduction last: Anabolic steroids are dangerous and deadly; therefore, use of anabolic steroids should be illegal, especially for school-age athletes who are taking steroids at alarmingy high rates.

For example, some symptoms resulting from steroid Steroid use thesis statements include extreme mood swings, fatigue, restlessness, loss of appetitie, insomnia, reduced sex drive and stunted growth.

The information is common knowledge so it is not cited. This sentence supports the main idea of your paragraph by explaining what some of the harmful symptoms of steroids are. This sentence explains why these symptoms are harmful to an individual. One of the most serious effects steroids can have on the body is depression.

Depression caused by steroids can lead to suicide if left untreated and may last up to more than one year after a user has stopped taking steroids "Steroids", para 3. This sentence supports the topic sentence of the paragraph by giving another symptom of steroid use.

When your body is feeding on fake testosterone, it stops making its own altogether. This sentence explains why your body becomes dependent on fake testosterone provided by steroids.

As you can see, steroids can cause short term health problems, long-term damage and even death. This is your concluding sentence that sums up the main idea of your paragaraph.

Despite all of the aforementioned harmful effects of anabolic steroids, more and more school age children are taking them in order to become better athletes.

Thesis Statement - Steroids: The revolution of sports.

The main target is high school athletes. Most are sold at gyms, one of the hot spots for high school athletes to work out Getz, personal interview. Steroids sold at gyms are called gym candies "Steroids, para 7. Seventeen point one percent of 8th graders and Coach Greg Schwab, the associate principal at Tigard High School and coach of their football team believes that "because we as coaches teach kids to excel at the highest level there is, they will do anything to reach this goal" qtd.

Coach Schwab has hit upon the main problem of increase steroid use in school age children: Because students just want to win and have easy access to steroids, they are using them in larger and larger number.

In order to prevent school age children from using steroids, students need to be drug tested at school and suffer consequences if they test positive for steroids. Sample Thesis statement and body paragraph with internal citation Page Tools.determine the proper action to deal with steroids.

The first part of the thesis is to look into what steroids are and the effects they have on users, both positive and negative in determining if steroid use if worth the risk. The second part is to look into the history of steroid use in baseball, starting with Jose Canseco and going through the suspensions in Nov 17,  · Persuasive Essay Thesis Statement.

Forums Essay, Paragraph, Dialog & other Composition Writing 35 77,; O.k I had a thesis statement ready to go until I was told by my 11 year old son that it didn't make any sense.

Can someone see if this makes sense PLEASE. My Persuasive Essay is on Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Sports. THESIS STATEMENTS A thesis statement is the main idea (topic) of an essay.

Anabolic Steroid use in Sports The competitive drive to win at all cost is fierce among athletes. Winning at all cost often includes using one of many performance enhancing drugs such as anabolic steroids.

WRITING THESIS STATEMENTS Upon successful completion of this lesson, you should be able to: • distinguish an arguable thesis from a statement of fact Steroid abuse can lead to serious health problems.

Steroid use thesis statements

Exercise 2 Write three (3) to five (5) arguable thesis statements. Jan 16,  · Steroids are part of top sports for about 40 years now.

Steroid use thesis statements

Without steroids we would still be on the same level like the 70's. Just legalize it so every athlete has equal access to steroid Resolved. Every thesis statement has three parts: a topic, a focus and an opinion.

Your thesis is also dependent on what the assignment is and how long it is. I'm going to assume it's for a standard one to.

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