Sex trafficking modern day slavery

The numbers are greater than ever, and are only growing. There are a lot of myths surrounding modern-day slavery facts, and a huge amount of basic information that many civilians are not aware of. Knowledge is power, and in the effort to equip citizens with the tools to fight this growing threat, these are the top 10 modern-day slavery facts that people should be aware of. The numbers prove that there are more slaves in the world now than there has ever been throughout all of history, and those numbers are only growing.

Sex trafficking modern day slavery

Sex trafficking: The new American slavery - CNN

But if she declines, their hands are somewhat tied. But she would rather go to jail than a treatment facility. They put their logo on their girl.

Jan 22,  · Watch video · Modern-day slavery a multi-billion dollar business. Modern-day slavery is a global industry making billions of dollars a year, and legitimate businesses have been enrolled in the fight against the. What may seem like a harmless portrayal of pimp culture has detrimental impacts on sex trafficking and other forms of sexual violence. Modern Day Slavery. Connect with me on LinkedIn. Jul 20,  · CNN documentary "Children for Sale: The Fight to End Human Trafficking" looks at underage victims of sex trafficking and what can be done to help them.

The tattoo is fresh, which tells me that he just got his hands on her. Meet the people fighting to end sex trafficking Jada Pinkett Smith is on a mission to educate the public about human trafficking in the United States. Hide Caption 1 of 9 Photos: Meet the people fighting to end sex trafficking Sgt.

Kennedy and his team are determined to clean-up Atlanta by rescuing child victims and locking up their exploiters. Hide Caption 2 of 9 Photos: Meet the people fighting to end sex trafficking Lisa Williams is Founder and executive director of two signature programs, Living Water for Girls and the Learning Resource Center.

She is on a mission to have perpetrators held accountable for their crimes against sex trafficking victims, while providing a safe space for survivors to heal from traumatic life events and acquire life skills that will allow them to have a healthy, self-sufficient future.

Hide Caption 3 of 9 Photos: Meet the people fighting to end sex trafficking At 14, "Sacharay" suffered severe bullying in school because of her skin color. An older teen befriended her and led "Sacharay" to a man who claimed he loved her.

Then he sold her body. Hide Caption 4 of 9 Photos: Meet the people fighting to end sex trafficking Kasey McClure uses her past experience working in the strip clubs, as motivation for her volunteer organization, 4Sarah.

Sex trafficking modern day slavery

She visits Atlanta-area clubs, providing gift bags and a sympathetic ear to those who may be thinking of leaving the profession.

Hide Caption 5 of 9 Photos: Meet the people fighting to end sex trafficking Dalia Racine, the assistant district attorney for DeKalb County, east of Atlanta, was the lead prosecutor in the case against Darryl Curry, also known as "Pimp DC," a convicted human trafficker who posted videos on the Internet, instructing others on how to recruit and groom young victims.

Hide Caption 6 of 9 Photos: Meet the people fighting to end sex trafficking Brock D. Nicholson is the former special-agent-in-charge for Homeland Security Investigations of the Southeast Region.“Modern day slavery” is the term for human trafficking (sex trafficking mostly, but also labor trafficking too).

It’s not really an accurate term, however, because human trafficking has been going on for thousands of years. You can read the short transcript instead.


An estimated 40 million people are in modern slavery all over the world. This generates an estimated $ billion in illegal profits every year, making forced labor the second largest international crime. Modern Day Slavery, and Economic Exploitation Johannes Koettl SP DISCUSSION PAPER May NO.

HUMAN TRAFFICKING, MODERN DAY SLAVERY, AND ECONOMIC EXPLOITATION A Discussion on Definitions, Prevalence, Relevance for Development, and Roles for the World Bank in the Fight Against Human Trafficking.

Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery in which traffickers use force, fraud, or coercion to control victims for the purpose of engaging in commercial sex acts or labor services against his/her trafficking has been found in a wide variety of venues within the sex industry, including residential brothels, escort services, fake massage businesses, strip clubs, and street.

This year CNN will join the fight to end modern-day slavery and shine a spotlight on the horrors of modern-day slavery, amplify the voices of the victims, highlight success stories and share ways that everyone can make a difference.

Sexual slavery and sexual exploitation is attaching the right of ownership over one or more persons with the intent of coercing or otherwise forcing them to engage in one or more sexual activities.

This includes forced labor, reducing a person to a servile status (including forced marriage) and sex trafficking persons, such as the sexual trafficking of children.

Sex trafficking modern day slavery
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