Public law coursework

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Public law coursework

Explain the concept of parliamentary supremacy how it became such an important principle of the UK constitution. November, Date submitted: April 19, Coursework ID: SOAS Public Law Coursework II You are required to give an opinion as to whether both the situations set out below would be amenable for a judicial review but you are not required to discuss the grounds of review.

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After eighteen months the property was transferred to Hometrust, an independent housing association, set up by the council. Shortly afterwards, Val had a dispute with one of her neighbours which resulted in a heated exchange of words and a slamming of doors.

This was reported and she was subject to a disciplinary procedure organised by Hometrust. Without being given the benefit of legal representation or a hearing she was found guilty and informed by Hometrust that her tenancy agreement would be terminated in six months time.

This would mean that Val would be made homeless. Advise Val whether she would be able use the judicial review procedure to argue that her rights under Article 6 and Article 8 of the ECHR have been breached.

Public law coursework

While digging the foundations of a new building for Globe Developments in the centre of Barchester, Ron discovers several well preserved pieces of Roman glass. The find is reported in the local and national TV, radio and press. Despite the growing interest in the find the Secretary of State has decided without giving any reasons not to list the site and Globe Developments will soon lay concrete foundations which would mean that the site would not be further excavated by archaeologists and preserved.

Bill and Sachin are keen amateur archaeologists who live two hundred miles away in London. To further the wider preservation of antiquity they have set up the Roman Antiquities Foundation as a charity to promote the excavation and study of Roman remains.

Advise both the Roman Antiquities Foundation and Bill and Sachin as individuals whether they would be in a position to challenge the decision of the Secretary of State under the judicial review procedure.

Note that this is not a question on the substantive grounds of review.

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Both parts of the answer should not exceed words. Relevant case law must be referred to. The work should be referenced with footnotes and word processed in font size The hand in deadline is Wednesday 2 March JR is not available to private bodies as their rights and duties only arise from contract.

Assuming that Val has exhausted all other remedies the issue that she faces is whether HometrustThis concentration is designed for law enforcement, public safety, probation, correctional, military police, first responders, as well as public and private security professionals who seek to gain advanced knowledge, critical thinking, as well as operational and managerial skills in their dynamic field.

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It is not to be confused with democracy, justice, equality (before the law or otherwise), human rights of any kind or respect for persons or for the dignity of man” (J Raz, “The rule of law and its virtue” () 93 Law Quarterly Review at ).

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