Paul hancox copywriting a book

She now lives in New York City. She has written a collection of short stories and is currently working on her novel.

Paul hancox copywriting a book

You face two big problems. First of all, copywriters the people who write sales letters for a living are expensive. They can take that long because they have to research and know your product as well as YOU know it. Of course, you know your own product better than anyone.

paul hancox copywriting a book

So think about this… What if I could give you all the tools you needed to put together a persuasive sales letter for your own product — at just a fraction of the cost of the average copywiter? What if I could show you how to do this in as little as 24 hours… so you can get your sales letter out quicker and get those sales rolling in much faster?

I know what you might be thinking. Truth is, most copywriters are hiding something from you. Nothing could be further from the truth. Writing a sales letter… finding the right words… is actually the EASY part.

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Anybody with basic writing skills can do it. The TRICKY part… and this is why copywriters are paid the big bucks… is coming up with the right persuasive thoughts and ideas in the first place… and then figuring out how to put them together into a sales letter.


It took ME over 12 years to learn what I know. Understanding the psychology of buyers. What motivates people… at a deeper level… to pull out their credit cards? There are over 30 major motivators. What you need is someone who can take all that knowledge you need, boil it down for you, and show you how to apply it in sales letters.

That someone is me. How to write headlines that suck readers in. Headlines are probably the single most important part of your sales letter. Without a good headline, your sales will plummet.

This is important and relevant to YOU! Multiply that by thousands of readers, and you can see just how many sales you could lose!

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How to build a strong case that moves readers to buy your product. Imagine trying to build a building without having such a blueprint! It would be difficult, to say the least. The same is true of writing sales letters. You need a blueprint… a roadmap that tells you what to write at each step of the way.zCourse: How To Be A Cut-Throat VRE Investment Mogul - Paul_Short ★ $, and , Targeted Visitors in 60 Days - PLR Report - Shane Natan First Ever Copywriting FIRESALE!

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paul hancox copywriting a book

Here’s Why You Should Love It! by Neil Patel on July 14, Paul Hancox: July 19, at PM. It’s a quick overview of the history of the psychological theory from the new book “Mistakes Were Made – but not by me”. It suggests that there are good reasons why we unlikely to all suddenly start. Paul Hancox YOUR RIGHTS sharing this PDF with others, you have what I consider to be a great Frank Kerns Convert Book (Printed Yellow book), you get it profitable marketing & rare copywriting examples from our huge archive.

Consulting Sales Letter from Frank Kern » Swipe File An Interview with Frank Kern 5. teaches people how to. Besides this, I’ve trained with Paul Hancox, one of the best copywriters and internet marketers around.

Under his guidance, I’ve learned the best methods, tricks and strategies to persuade your customers. Paul Hancox, Says: September at am. I love the way stores run their sales. They will have people queued up outside at 6am just to get their hands on the bargains, of which some are probably loss leaders just to get the crowd in the first place.

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