Paper basket

Small decorative butterfly or other cute embellishment Here are the steps! Begin with one square of paper in a color of your choice. Using a ruler, draw lines so that you get nine equally sized squares.

Paper basket

The leather handles are quite hearty, so the basket would also be fantastic put to use as a breakfast-in-bed tray or anything else one might dream up! Ask the hardware store to cut these for you! Then roll each strip on the diagonal around the wooden kabob skewer, and secure the end with a glue Paper basket.

This variation is useful in achieving the rustic woven basket look as you begin weaving. Line the perimeter of one of the hardboard rectangles with two tracks of double-sided tape.

Place a few heavy books on top and allow to dry for two hours. While the base of the basket is drying, create additional paper tubes similar to Step 1, but this time cut the strips longer: Once the basket base is dry, we can begin weaving.

Continue weaving until you run out of horizontal paper tubing. Adhere another paper tube onto the existing tube. Allow to dry 1 minute. Then continue weaving until you reach 7 horizontal rows.

Paper basket

Make sure to push down the rows and help form the corners as you weave. Weave the final loose end down through the basket, next to one of the vertical supports.

To finish off the top edge of the basket, bend the first vertical support 90 degrees at the top edge of the basket, and weave that tube behind the vertical support to the right of it, then in front of the next vertical support, and finally behind the 3rd vertical support.

Secure with a dot of glue.

How to Make an Origami Paper Basket: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

Repeat with the next vertical support to the right, and work your way around the top edge of the basket. Coat the entire woven basket portion with clear spray varnish to seal. Create the Leather Handles 1. Cut off the buckle end of the belt, as well as the end with the holes.

Then cut the middle portion of the belt into two equal sections. On the underside of the belt, mark the location for the 2 screws on each end of the two belt strips.

The placement and distance from the end of the belt strip will vary depending on the height of your basket. On the front side of the belt, place a finishing washer followed by a screw at each of the 8 drill holes 4 holes per belt strip. Next, attach the handles to the outside of the basket, by inserting the machine screws in between two layers of the basket.

On the inside of the basket, screw an end cap onto each of the 8 screws.Paper Coil Baskets (art + social studies) This project transforms traditional basketry into a contemporary fine craft. Paper Coiling Core is easily anchored to an. I saw this wonderful paper basket post from on The Little Blue Room, and thought it was SO CUTE!

So, the next step was to make a cutting file for the paper basket, so that I could make multiples in a flash for Easter.

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And the step after THAT is sharing them all with you. These sweet little. The pink and yellow paper in the photos is pretty thin, low quality printer paper, the red, purple and brown paper in the photos is higher quality thick paper. Both work fine.

Paper basket

There is something very satisfying about making this origami basket boat! A paper mache easter basket craft for children to make. You can make variations in your paper basket with reference to any festive season, for example, you can stick a picture of Santa Claus on the basket during Christmas.

Gift your child this cute paper basket and see the joy on his/her face. Find and save ideas about Newspaper basket on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Newspaper craft basket, Weaving patterns and Leather weaving.

With the help of this tutorial you can make recyclable DIY paper basket using newspapers around the house. Find this Pin and more on Crafting a Green World by Julie Finn.

Grey and black recycled paper basket