Ncaa and the payment of college athletes

Last updated 2 years ago Discipline: Some say they should but the NCAA's argument is that theu are student athletes given education that is more vaulable than any amount of money. The NCAA has been fighting this agruement for years and as numbers show, they are winning it too.

Ncaa and the payment of college athletes

One of the guiding principles of the NCAA has been that this is about students who play sports. This tension has been going on forever and ever.

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It has gotten greater now because the magnitude of dollars has gotten really, really large. This whole notion of, first and foremost, treating student-athletes in fair fashion while still maintaining the student-athlete, is at the core of all of this.

Players can turn pro out of high school. If they choose to go to college, however, they must stay until after their third year or they turn But the full membership has overridden it, with some smaller schools saying they were not interested or did not have the money to pay stipends.

Commissioners from the most powerful conferences and big-market schools have called for an overhaul, and Emmert said the board plans to begin discussions at its meeting next month.

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The board hopes to adopt proposals at its meeting next April, then have a special meeting for the full membership next summer. All of the schools -- large and small -- want to take part in March Madness, along with the other championships staged by the NCAA, and no one wants to jeopardize that.

Ncaa and the payment of college athletes

But there are fundamental differences that have to be sorted out, Emmert said.The NCAA should pay student athletes because the money these athletes make for their school far outweighs the money the schools invest in the athletes. An average day for a college athlete consists of morning practice, morning weights, school, study hall and practice.

Applying this language, any agreement among NCAA members to prohibit the pay of student-athletes represents a form of wage fixing that likely violates antitrust law. Mar 09,  · NBA Commissioner Adam Silver told CNNMoney in an exclusive interview that he has no problem with college athletes being paid.

is a form of a payment." skipping college and the NCAA.

Ncaa and the payment of college athletes

Oct 01,  · The N.C.A.A. countered that college athletes were amateurs and that anything amounting to pay for play would transform college sports into something unrecognizable, professionalizing the players and hurting the business model for .

Jan 09,  · Former college athletes would be assured health insurance no matter what, relieving the universities of what ought to be their moral responsibility. The N.C.P.A. could also vet agents — as the pro unions do — and, for pro prospects, offer insurance against career-ending injury.

Mar 13,  · And the NCAA says the ban on paying college athletes belongs in this category. It means fans have a choice between professional sports, like the NFL or the NBA, and amateur sports - college .

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