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Land grab

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Definition[ edit ] The term "land grabbing" is defined as very large-scale land acquisitions, either Land grab or leasing. InBorras, Hall and others wrote that "the phrase 'global land grab' has become a catch-all to describe and analyze the current trend towards large scale trans national commercial land transactions.

Situation in the 21st century[ edit ] Land Area[ edit ] The Overseas Development Institute reported in Januarythat with limited data available in general and existing data associated with NGOs interested in Land grab media attention in particular, the scale of global land trade may have been exaggerated.

They found the figures below provide a variety of estimates, all in the tens of millions of hectares. Water for the local population became extremely sparse. However, in practice, land acquired may not have previously been used as farmland, it may be covered by forests, which also equate to about 4 billion hectares worldwide, so transnational land acquisitions may have a significant role in ongoing deforestation.

The land database often relies on one or two media sources and may not track whether the investments take place, or whether the full quantity reported takes place.

Deals are reported that use the estimate of the full extent of land that the firm expects to use. Media reports usually just give information on the area and not on the value of the land transaction.

Given the quantity of land and the size of investment funds operating in the area, it is likely that the value will be in the tens of billions of dollars. India contributes a further 10 per cent of land deals.

The Land grab of investment is in the production of palm oil and other biofuels. The largest destination countries include Brazil with 11 per cent by land area Sudan with 10 per cent Madagascarthe Philippines and Ethiopia with 8 per cent each Mozambique with 7 per cent Indonesia with 6 per cent.

Land grab

Represented in the media as the norm they seem to be more the exception. This is agribusiness firms, as well as investment funds, investing mostly in sugar canejatropha or palm oil. This trend has clearly been driven by the biofuels targets in the EU and US, and greater vertical integration in agribusiness in general.

While the UAE has done some significant deals by size, some driven by food deals, with Saudi Arabia a smaller number, this is not the dominant trend.

While this aspect of land trade has gathered lots of media attention, it is not by any means a comprehensive story.

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The most recent estimate of the scale, based on evidence presented in April at an international conference convened by the Land Deal Politics Initiative, estimated the area of land deals at over 80 million ha.

Investment in land often takes the form of long-term leasesas opposed to outright purchases, of land. These leases often range between 25 and 99 years. The methods surrounding the negotiation, approval, and follow-up of contracts between investors and governments have attracted significant criticism for their opacity and complexity.

The negotiation and approval processes have been closed in most cases, with little public disclosure both during and after the finalization of a deal. The approval process, in particular, can be cumbersome: It varies from approval by a simple district-level office to approval by multiple national-level government offices and is very subjective and discretionary.

Afterwards, the government will undertake a project feasibility study and capital verification process, and finally a lease agreement will be signed and land will be transferred to the investor. Target governments tout the benefits of agricultural development, job creationcash crop production, and infrastructure provision as drivers towards economic development and eventually modernization.

Many companies have promised to build irrigationroads, and in some cases hospitals and schools to carry out their investment projects. The issue of agricultural development is a significant driving factor, within the larger umbrella of development, in target governments' agreement to investment by outsiders.

The Ethiopian government's acceptance of cash crop-based land acquisitions reflects its belief that switching to cash crop production would be even more beneficial for food security than having local farmers produce crops by themselves. On a smaller scale, some deals can be traced to a personal stake in the project or possibly due to corruption or rent-seeking.

Given the ad hoc, decentralized, and unorganized approval processes across countries for such transactions, the potential for lapses in governance and openings for corruption are extremely high. In many countries, the World Bank has noted that investors are often better off learning how to navigate the bureaucracies and potentially pay off corrupt officers of governments rather than developing viable, sustainable business plans.

Governments and companies in Gulf States have been very prominent along with East Asian companies. Many European- and American-owned investment vehicles and agricultural producers have initiated investments as well.

These actors have been motivated by a number of factors, including cheap land, potential for improving agricultural production, and rising food and biofuel prices. Building on these motivations, investments can be broken down into three main categories:Land grab definition is - a usually swift acquisition of property (such as land or patent rights) often by fraud or force.

a usually swift acquisition of property (such as land . Land grab definition is - a usually swift acquisition of property (such as land or patent rights) often by fraud or force. a usually swift acquisition of property (such as land or patent rights) often by fraud or force.

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Land Grabbing in Africa, the new colonialism By Bwesigye bwa Mwesigire on May 28, — The silent recolonisation of Africa is happening on a mass scale. To address this issue, the first Africa Conference on Land Grabs is set to take place in South Africa on 27–30 Oct.

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