Hunger in san diego persuasive speech

This is not a joke, nor a pleasant position to be in. Hello fellow classmates and Miss. Skradski, today I will be talking about world hunger with you. Poverty is the main cause of hunger in the world.

Hunger in san diego persuasive speech


Spoilers The start of the movie is so obvious, with a tiny little girl scared out of her wits who has no business being in the Hunger Games, most predictably the lead actresses little sister it was obvious she was going to take her place.

Even more less surprising we find out that the boy going with her has a crush on her. On to 1 hour and 15 minutes of Woody Harrelson being not nearly believable enough as a crude alcoholic become soft hearted, a lot of senseless dinners, a lot of hype for the contestants we know nothing about, absolutely no politics or explanation of what the Hunger Games actually are or how it came about, and an awful underlying message sent out to viewers.

Are you bored yet? So, they get thrown out into the Hunger Games, there is absolutely no build up whatsoever.

Hunger in san diego persuasive speech

The only person you know is out there is Katniss and the boy who came with her. The rest of the contestants you don't know, hardly have a clue as to what they're capable of, most of them die at the start anyway.

Katniss runs away from the initial slaughter, to take a nap. Then she takes more naps. At one point out of the blue she finds herself in the middle of fiery doom, with fireballs launching at her, she barely survives.

Well, lucky for her, though we were never told. She gets saved with super healing medicine! She takes more naps. Later, we find out the boy who has a crush on her is teamed up with the last of the jerks, for some reason, in a game where only one survives, there are people who travel in groups.

They make some pathetic attempts to kill her, then give up and sleep. Kat makes a new friend who seems to be the most resourceful, herbal expert. She tells her to dump a bunch of insects on them.

Hunger in san diego persuasive speech

Then while it takes forever for her to saw a tree limb off, we're told these are evil, dangerous insects that will kill you. She gets stung a few times, and conveniently kills a girl with the bow and arrows, which just so happens she's an expert with.

Too bad she was stung by these insects, now she's going to take more naps and be saved somehow Wish we would have known that! They turn out to be good pals, what a surprise that is.

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Well, after a lot more boring stuff of not getting to know anything about what is going on, they randomly decide to go find out what the meanies are up to. Turns out, they gathered all the supplies and somehow found a bunch of land mines to surround the pile.

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What's that supposed to do? Apparently, some girl isn't part of their group, she expertly dodges every land mine and gets away with something.

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So, instead of gathering some supplies, Katniss blows it all up. Katniss and her little pal find each other, but get attacked, Kat swiftly dodges a spear throw, and sticks the attacker with an arrow. The attacker dies instantly.Hunger in San Diego Persuasive Speech Essay Essay about Shakespeare: Close Reading Brutus`S Speech In What Ways Does the Language and Imagery of Antony’s Speech Demonstrate His Manipulation of the Crowd?

The San Diego Hunger Coalition contracts with 14 local organizations with locations across the County to provide CalFresh application assistance. If you or someone you know is in need of food assistance click on the link below to learn 3 ways to apply for CalFresh and other resources.

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