How do dreams affect of mice and men

Of Mice And Men: Loneliness Of Mice And Men: Loneliness Loneliness is a basic part of human life.

How do dreams affect of mice and men

Of Mice and Men: Theme Analysis Of Mice and Men: Theme Analysis Theme Analysis When discussing the thematics of Steinbeck's novel, we would do well to first examine the title, which is an allusion to a line of Robert Burns, a Scottish poet: For, indeed, the novels two main characters do have a scheme, a specific dream of changing their current way of life in order to have their own place and work only for themselves.

The tragedy, of course, lies in the fact that no matter how elaborately our heroes plan, regardless of how intensely they hope and dream, their plan does not find fulfillment.

How do dreams affect of mice and men

This is a novel of defeated hope and the harsh reality of the American Dream. George and Lennie are poor homeless migrant workers, doomed to a life of wandering and toil in which they are never able to reap the fruits of their labor.

Their desires may not seem so unfamiliar to any other American: George and Lennie desperately cling to the notion that they are different from other workers who drift from ranch to ranch because, unlike the others, they have a future and each other.

But characters like Crooks and Curley's wife serve as reminders that George and Lennie are no different from anyone who wants something of his or her own. All the characters all the ones that Steinbeck has developed, at least wish to change their lives in some fashion, but none are capable of doing so; they all have dreams, and it is only the dream that varies from person to person.

Curley's wife has already had her dream of being an actress pass her by and now must live a life of empty hope. Crooks' situation hints at a much deeper oppression than that of the white worker in America-the oppression of the black people.

Through Crooks, Steinbeck exposes the bitterness, the anger, and the helplessness of the black American who struggles to be recognized as a human being, let alone have a place of his own.

Crooks' hopelessness underlies that of George's and Lennie's and Candy's and Curley's wife's. But all share the despair of wanting to change the way they live and attain something better. Even Slim, despite his Zen-like wisdom and confidence, has nothing to call his own and will, by every indication, remain a migrant worker until his death.

Slim differs from the others in the fact that he does not seem to want something outside of what he has, he is not beaten by a dream, he has not laid any schemes.

Slim seems to have somehow reached the sad conclusion indicated by the novel's title, that to dream leads to despair. Another key element is the companionship between George and Lennie. The two men are not unique for wanting a place and a life of their own, but they are unique in that they have each other.

Their companionship contrasts the loneliness that surrounds them-the loneliness of the homeless ranch worker, the loneliness of the outcast black man, the loneliness of the subjected woman, the loneliness of the old, helpless cripple-and it arouses curiosity in the characters that they encounter, Slim included.

And indeed, the reader becomes curious as to their friendship as well. And can we call it friendship? Lennie would call George a friend, but George would perhaps be hard-pressed to admit the same of Lennie.In Of Mice and Men, dreams are necessary, even if the characters know that they'll never achieve them..

Steinbeck seems dreams and foolish and unnecessary, just leading to more sorrow. Research highlights of Nature research journals. Sep 7.

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How do dreams affect of mice and men

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Source(s) of mice. The foreshadowing in Of Mice and Men was a crucial part of understanding the whole book. Sometimes books have reoccurring events within the story . There are several examples in the novel that foreshadow what may happen at the end in Of Mice and Men.

In the very first chapter of the novel, George and Lennie are walking to the new ranch where they will begin working.

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