Grief gossip analysis of a

It was a few months after Ross had died that Blair fainted while walking his dog. Having lost his "hero", the grief was something the Doncaster Rovers midfielder was not dealing with.

Grief gossip analysis of a

Chapter 4 Themes and Colors Key LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in Burial Rites, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. At this point, Kent has presented the reader with several different descriptions of the crime that Agnes has allegedly committed.

Agnes, feeling deeply in love with him, reached out to embrace him, causing him to drop the beaker, which then smashed on the floor.

When Agnes awakes the next day, she remembers with grief that Natan is dead. When her embrace causes Natan to drop the beaker, the dream takes on a sense of foreboding.

Grief gossip analysis of a

Active Themes Agnes thinks of happy memories of her mother to try to counteract her sadness, but the memories feel hollow. Although later she professes to despise Agnes, she is also extremely curious about her, and, as Agnes fears, sees Agnes as a criminal rather than a human being.

She says it is because the family Agnes was with before was too important to be put in such dangerous proximity to a murderess. This shows how class differences and hierarchies can allow more powerful people to place those less powerful in real danger.

She realizes with exhilaration she is unguarded for the first time in months. Her thoughts jump to escape. She thinks, though, of the harsh Icelandic landscape, knowing that the wilderness would mean certain death.

As Agnes contemplates the possibility of escape, she realizes that she could never survive in the Icelandic wilderness. In this way, the Icelandic landscape is its own kind of prison, forcing Agnes to depend upon other people and keeping her from setting out on her own.

Active Themes Agnes stumbles to her bed and looks around the room, which needs repair. She wonders if the family sings hymns or recites sagas in the winter, noting that she has a great love for and excellent knowledge of the sagas.

Active Themes The traditional furniture and everyday objects in the room make Agnes think of the stone that her mother Ingveldur gave her. Ingveldur said the stone would allow Agnes to talk to birds if she put it under her tongue.

Agnes put the stone under her tongue for days, but nothing came of it. Agnes introduces the stone her mother gave her as a child.

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Active Themes Agnes tries to reconcile herself with the idea that she will spend her last days in the town she knew as a child. Agnes chants the names of all the different farms she lived on throughout her life.

Names carry intense resonance for Agnes. Active Themes Agnes notices a silver brooch hidden under the bed across from her. She picks it up, and then, suddenly, Lauga appears beside her and tells her to put it down.

Agnes drops the brooch and Lauga calls for Steina, who comes running in.

Here Kent makes a point about the precarious nature of innocence. The dress was the only possession Agnes had left. As Agnes watches her very last dress burn, Kent emphasizes how Agnes is now truly at the lowest rung of the class system in Icelandic society.

This also means that there are no longer any physical bonds tying Agnes to earth, as her execution inevitably approaches. When Agnes goes to get them, Lauga immediately leaves to go help her mother, but Steina lingers behind.

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Agnes continues to enjoy any work that allows her to be outside and spend time in nature. Active Themes Steina tells Agnes that she thinks they met once before, while they were both travelling. Agnes begins to vaguely remember the day Steina is referring to. She remembers seeing three ravens flying in a line—a good omen— but also remembers that one hundred whales washed ashore that year—a bad omen.

As Agnes begins to vaguely remember meeting Steina, she also vividly remembers the omens she saw around that time. While the ministerial book stated that Agnes possesses a strong knowledge of Christianity, it seems that Agnes also has a rich spiritual life comprised of symbols that she sees in nature.

Traditional Christianity, it seems, does not work for Agnes. Agnes thinks the only person who could understand how she feels is Natan, because he knew her so incredibly well.

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Instead, she is condemned.Books about Quotations by Topic Click this icon to engrave the quote on mugs, bookmarks, t-shirts and much more. William Faulkner once said, “Given a choice between grief and nothing, I'd choose grief” (Brainyquote).

Grief gossip analysis of a

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