Contributions of pakistan authors

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Contributions of pakistan authors

Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences PJPS is a peer reviewed pharmaceutical and medicinal publication scheduled to appear bimonthly serving as a means for the exchange of scientific information at international level.

All manuscripts are evaluated for their scientific content and significance by the Editor-in-Chief and at independent reviewers, which will be from technologically advanced country also.

All submitted manuscripts should contain unpublished, original research not under consideration for publication anywhere else. In order to avoid unnecessary delay in publication, authors are requested to strictly comply the guidelines. Authors should ensure that papers conform to the scope of the journal.

To expedite the publication process, the Journal encourages online submission through pjps uok. The manuscript should be e-mailed or sent on a CD in MS Word or later format as a single file accompanied by a matched hard copy.

Articles are comprehensive accounts of significant experimental or theoretical work, authors are asked to write their manuscripts in a clear and concise manner and to only include the data crucial for arriving at final conclusion. Communications are preliminary reports limited to approximately 1, words including tables, figures and references.

They must be of sufficient importance and general interest to justify accelerated publication.

"Contributions of Pakistani authors to Library Philosophy and Practice " by mohamamd anwar no mr

Reviews and mini-reviews are by invitation only. Authors interested in preparing a review article should provide a brief outline to the Editor-in-Chief requesting an invitation to submit a manuscript. Authors are responsible for all statements made in their work and for the accuracy of the bibliographic information.

The right is reserved to incorporate any change deemed necessary by the editorial board to make contributions harmonize with the editorial standards of the journal. Authors submitting manuscript are required to suggest at least two reviewers, one of them from technically advanced country.

Detail contact information of the reviewer should be mentioned. It should not exceed 15 pages, excluding tables, references and figures. The original manuscript should include the original inked drawings or photographs of structural formulas for direct use. High-quality output from laser printers is acceptable.

General information on the preparation of manuscripts may be found through pjps uok. Submit your text in DOC format.

For indexing purposes each submitted article should include three to five key words chosen from the medical subject heading MeSH.

Instructions For Authors

In addition to facilitating indexing of articles, our keyword system assists in the assignment of qualified reviewers for your manuscript. Standard abbreviations should be used without periods throughout the manuscript.

All nonstandard abbreviations should be kept to a minimum and must be defined in the text following their first use.

The experimental procedures should be described in sufficient detail to enable others to repeat the experiments. Names of products and manufacturers should be included only if alternate sources are deemed unsatisfactory.

Novel experimental procedures should be described in detail, but published procedures should merely be referred to by literature citation of both the original and any published modifications. The purity of key compounds and descriptions s of the method s used to determine purity should be included in this section.

Concise tables and figures should be designed to maximize the presentation and comprehension of the experimental data. The same data should not be presented in more than one figure or in both a figure and a table.

Contributions of pakistan authors

As a rule, interpretation of the results should be reserved for the discussion section of an article. The purpose of the discussion is to interpret the results and to relate them to existing knowledge in the field in as clear and brief a fashion as possible.Pakistani English literature refers to English literature that has been developed and evolved in Pakistan, as well as by members of the Pakistani diaspora who write in the English caninariojana.comh is one of the official languages of Pakistan (the other being Urdu) and has a history going back to the British colonial rule in South Asia (the British .

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Guidance on Authorship in Scholarly or Scientific Publications must appropriately acknowledge contributions of colleagues involved in the design, conduct or dissemination of the work by neither overly attributing contribution nor ignoring meaningful contributions.

All authors are responsible for fairly evaluating their . Contribution Guidelines. Since we receive scores of such contributions every day, contributions must be sent to the relevant section where the writers . Each author should have participated sufficiently in the work to take public responsibility for appropriate portions of the content.

In case of more than one authors in a manuscript, the contributions of each person listed as author in the study should be mentioned. ´╗┐Contributions of Allama Iqbal in the independence of Pakistan Dr.

Mohammad Iqbal, the Islamic poet-philosopher who played such a vital role in the birth of Pakistan, was the first to advocate the formation of independent Muslim state for the subcontinent.

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