Com 275 mine collapse

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Research additional articles and information about the Chilean mine collapse.

Com 275 mine collapse

Everyone is trying to figure out how to get these miners out as quickly as possible and safely. It was said that while the rescuers who were trying to drill holes caused another cave in and their rescue mission was suspended for safety reasons.

What does this say to the family, friends and many others out there watching this disaster? Companies in this type of situations really need to know who their audience is. If they know that something has gone wrong and that there will be media there to shoot the disaster they need to start thinking quickly when it comes to the message that they want to get to the families and employees.

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Following this responsibility the Chilean copper company, Minera San Esteban Primera should start thinking about how they want to address this emergency. They do not want it to get any more information leaked to the press that the families and employees do not know.

At this point there are probably many families that are hearing about the collapse and are wondering if their loved one is trapped and cannot get out. At this point company should find out what men are trapped in the mine and they need to get in contact with those families immediately.

When they talk to these families they Chilean Copper Mine Collapse 3 need to try and comfort them and keep them calm so they can have some hope that their loved one might return to them. They should not over promise something when they are talking to these families. This is very important because if you tell the families that they will get their loved one out and that they will be ok it gives them false hope and when they cannot deliver the families will blame the person that told them that line.

These families need to believe that everything is being done to save their loved one but should not be given promises that they cannot really execute.

In situations like these the media will be everywhere. According to the FEMA website a crisis like this needs to be addressed to the media immediately.

When a team is appointed to take this task, they all need to be on the same page and competent enough do their job. This team also needs to know what they can and cannot say to the media.

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They do not want to give out to much information that could potentially get back to the families or the employees of the company.

When crisis like this happens to a company the families are not the only ones that will need to be informed, they need to also talk to the employees. First thing is the company does not want the employees talking to the media and they need to have someone already sending a message stating that if they are contacted by the media that the employee needs to refer them to the correct person who is handling all the questions.

Next the company needs to reassure the employees just as they did the Chilean Copper Mine Collapse 4 families. These are people who know those trapped miners and are just concerned about them as their families. These are people who will be thinking that could be me down there.

This is a scary situation for them too, and that they are still an employee that will still go down in these mines. Something will need to be said to them in order to keep them calm and also make sure that the company does not loose employees.Chilean Copper Mine Collapse Jason Terry BCOM August 19, University of Phoenix Chilean Copper Mine Collapse In August , the world focused on a small copper mine in northern Chile, when it was discovered that 33 trapped miners were still alive after the mining shaft collapsed.

CHILEAN MINE COLLAPSE 4 letters send videos and other communication This from XBCOM XBCOM/ at University of Phoenix.  Chilean Copper Mine Collapse BCOM/ Business Communication & Critical Thinking September 30, Chilean Copper Mine Collapse When an unforeseen tragedy comes into a small community, the devastation can cause havoc.

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Fulbright personal statement essay for college Boudicca revolt essay why do an mba essay terrible personal essays. Journal of physical therapy student research paper skriv et essay om. View Essay - BCOM Chilean Mine Collapse from BCOM at University of Phoenix. Chilean Mine Collapse Khameche Broomfield BCOM May 5, Tim Wolfe When taking control of life-threatening.

Chilean Copper Mine Collapse BCOM (3 Pages | Words) Abstract This paper addresses the collapse of the Chilean copper mine and the company’s response to the collapse. It first drafts an announcement directed at the families of the trapped workers expressing concern and urgency.

Com 275 mine collapse

The reassurance of a concerted rescue effort is stressed.

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