Background study the evolution of dancehall

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Background study the evolution of dancehall

From ska to rock steady, reggae to dancehall, Jamaican music commands attention and respect. Dancehall music presents a rhythmic blend of Jamaican patois and heavy drums that create a soothing and infectious sequence of beats.

Even with its complicated Jamaican dialect, dancehall music has amassed a global fan base stretching from Colombia to Canada, Holland to Japan.

Dancehall is considered for many aficionados the natural, and evolved, successor to rock steady music. As such, this heralded the birth of the deejaying culture which is attributed to the development of popular music styles like rap and hip-hop.

Background study the evolution of dancehall

Shabba Ranks put the deejaying culture squarely on the world map when he became the first, and only, deejay to win a Reggae Grammy with his success at the Grammy Awards.

Dancehall music became an indomitable part of Jamaican culture as local record labels started signing lucrative deals with top US record labels. Over the years, the dancehall culture has influenced the way People talk, how they walk and even how they dress. New artists speak to a wide range of societal ills as they seek to drive Conversation around perceived injustice and spread messages of hard and earnest work while resisting and holding accountable inept and corrupt leaders.

Dancehall continues to spread its wings.


Its influence continues to Broaden as evidenced by Japanese deejays performing in a mixture of their native tongue peppered with Jamaican patois.The origin and culture of Dancehall Dancehall is a polular type of music originated in the late 70s in Jamaica, as a result of varying political and socio-economic factors.

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Initially Dancehall was a more sparse version of Reggae than the roots style, which had dominated much of the s. In the mids, digital instrumentation became more prevalent, changing the sound considerably, with digital Dancehall becoming increasingly characterized by faster rhythms.

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