As unit 3 g042 ict solutions

It is very essential for the care provider to be skilled enough in use of sign language, face reading, understanding the body language, etc as the patient may be disabled or unable to speak. Translators or other communication aids including graphical presentations can be used in case of language differences among the two parties i. In the case of Anna who could not speak out her problems and being blamed of being drunk, the doctor could have examined the signs and the body language of the patient rather than poking out negative words Burks et al, Lo 2 factors influencing communication process 2.

As unit 3 g042 ict solutions

Mixing light is not the same. You can get white light when you mix red, green and blue light, you would not get white if you mix the same paint. The amounts of red, green and blue are expressed as numbers, which range from 0 to The numbers are usually represented as hexadecimal numbers.

Unit 3 A Digital Portfolio - RGS ICT

A web server needs to be permanently connected to the internet so that all users are able to access the information. Web servers for internet service providers contain many websites. Uploading times- As unit 3 g042 ict solutions uploading time is the time it takes to take a website that has been produced on a computer and then transfer it over a network to a web server.

Introduction A digital portfolio is an onscreen way to showcase your achievements to potential employers or when applying for a course. It is all about:

Disadvantages of webpages and webpage features Some features such as flash movies can take time to load, this can put off users from using the site People who do not have access to the internet are at a huge disadvantage Some of the features such as links to movies, may not be accessible to those users who do not have a fast broadband connection.

You then do not need to worry about the design, so you can concentrate fully on the content of each slide text, graphics, video, sound, etc. Animation Animation involves getting some of the content that makes up the slides to move.

The simplest way of including animation is to use animation provided by the presentation software. This allows you to select certain animations for the way the material such as headings and bullet points are added to a slide. Animation is classified as follows: To make your presentation more interesting you can: Using the software, you can alter the timings for each slide.

Sound Files Most people think of clip art sites as just containing ready-made images but many of them contain sound as well.

As unit 3 g042 ict solutions

Sounds and music can liven up a multimedia product but they need to be used with care as they can detract from the message or content being delivered.

As well as clip art libraries, you can use websites as sources of sound files. There are sites such as Youtube that are huge sources of video and it is possible to link to these sites from websites and presentations Speaker Notes Rather than having bits of paper with prompts written down on them, it is better to have them with the slides.

You can see these notes with the slides but the audience only sees the slides.

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These notes may also be useful to your audience, so they can be printed out at the end along with the slides. Navigation is the way provided by the software for a user to choose which slide they want to view next. Remember that it is possible for a presentation to be interactive just like a website.

A hyperlink is an icon, graphic or word on a document that, when clicked with a mouse, opens another slide or webpage. Hotspots As well as using text for hyperlinks, you can create images that contain links. Images containing links are called graphical hyperlinks, although you will often hear them referred to as hotspots.

You can create your own buttons and turn them into hotspots or you can use an image. It is important that you tell the user that the image is a hotspot. Sometimes you want to have an image that contain several hotspots. An example of this could be a map where the towns or main tourist areas on the map are the hotspots.

When a user moves over a town or area, the cursor changes to a hand indicating a hotspot and when they click on it, they are taken to a different page containing information on that town or area. Narration is useful if the speaker is not present when the presentation is viewed.

In order to record a narration there needs to be a microphone connected, Most laptop computer have a microphone built in but with desktop computers, you will need to connect one.

Before starting the narration for each slide, it is a good idea to write down a script. You can then refine this script and read from it when recording the narration. Printing Formats When presentations are given to an audience by a speeker it is usual for the speak to give out copies of the slides to the audience.

This enables them to take notes and refer to the material in the future.Sep 26,  · AS Unit 1 Title: G Using ICT to Communicate – moderated coursework AS Unit 2 Title: G ICT solutions for individuals and society – moderated coursework AS Unit 3 Title: G How organisations use ICT ‐ external assessment.

In order to make a judgement or a solution, candidates should have completed Unit G ICT solutions for individuals and society and Unit G System specification and configuration. Candidates will produce a design for a solution to a given problem, in a familiar context, which includes.

GCE APPLIED ICT OCR UNIT 3 ICT Solutions for Individuals & Society Student Workbook.

As unit 3 g042 ict solutions

OCR Applied ICT G Unit 3 ICT Solutions for SoW5/5(1). AS Unit G ICT solutions for individuals and society Fancy a holiday? In the first unit of your A Level, you're going to plan a summer holiday for the sixth form students. An expert system is an ICT system that uses artificial intelligence to make decisions based on data supplied in the form of answers to questions.

This means that the system is able to respond in the way that a human expert in the field would come to a conclusion.

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