A discussion on the possibilities of australia becoming a republic in twenty years

Submit Republics are boring! Most of Australia loves the queen. About 12 months ago the queen visited Australia as part of her Diamond Jubilee tour. During the time she was in Australia over 65 percent of Australians watched part of her tour on TV.

A discussion on the possibilities of australia becoming a republic in twenty years

Contact Us Should the government do away with stamp duty?

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One of the common threads in all the talk about real estate affordability has been tax — particularly stamp duty. Figures show that average stamp duty costs have increased by between per cent and per cent, and Sydney real estate in particular has born the brunt.

A discussion on the possibilities of australia becoming a republic in twenty years

He pointed out that if left untouched, this tax could stop some buyers from entering the property market. The government could pursue a bundle of other changes, as well.

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It suggests that reform needs to take a large array of factors into account. Negative gearing to stay Negative gearing has also been brought into the equation. The government may have ruled out changes, but the opposition has hinted that reform could be on the cards down the line.

The Property Council has recommended these tax incentives stay in place — something that would come as a relief to investors. In fact, the report points out that it could even undermine the number of houses for rent.

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In a June 16 blog post, CoreLogic Senior Research Analyst Cameron Kusher has echoed this point for the most part, suggesting that calls for negative gearing to be removed are misplaced.There is therefore no logical reason, economic or political, why Australia should not sever outmoded relations with the United Kingdom by becoming a republic and there is every indication that the Australian people will follow the world example in throwing off the remnants of a bygone era and become a republic.

Australia could hold a referendum on whether to become a republic within the next five years following a pledge by the opposition Labor party to hold a vote if it wins the next election. Jun 25,  · The release of the federal government’s tax discussion paper earlier in the year raised the possibility of big changes to Australia’s tax framework and, since then, members of the housing industry have been quick to have their voices heard on the issue.

Australia should become a republic because our country should be free of the british empire and Australia should make there flag something to do with the aboriginals because it is rightfully there land and we should have a republic and should not be controlled .

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Transcript of Paul Keating’s Republic speech in the House of Representatives, June 7, It is the Government’s view that Australia’s Head of State should be an Australian and that Australia should become a republic by the year A Discussion on the Possibilities of Australia Becoming a Republic in Twenty Years PAGES 3.

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A discussion on the possibilities of australia becoming a republic in twenty years

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